Potentially one of the most glam cocktails of them all? Learn how to make this chic and sassy cocktail for yourself.

The Bellini, most commonly peach flavoured, this sweet, fruity and fizzy cocktail has a splash of prosecco to finish to make for the most glamourous cocktail on the menu.

You can’t possibly feel down when sipping on a Bellini cocktail, so if you want for the recipe for an instant confidence boost then here’s our Bellini cocktail recipe!


Boston tin
Champagne flute

Bellini Cocktail Ingredients

25ml Stoli vodka
25ml peach schnapps
25ml orange juice
25ml cranberry juice
50ml Prosecco to top

Garnish with a strawberry

How to Make a Bellini Cocktail

  1. Fill a Boston tin with ice and add both the cranberry and orange juices.
  2. Next pour in the schnapps and Stoli vodka
  3. Pop on the tin and give everything a really good shake for around ten seconds.
  4. Then strain the mixture into a champagne flute and top up with Prosecco.
  5. Finally, garnish with half a fresh strawberry. Sweet.

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