We’re not about secrets.


We think If you’re onto something good, you should share it.


So after a few of you (okay, A LOT of you) started to ask how to make our delicious caulislaw after tasting it alongside our delicious BBQ Ribs, we thought we’d do the right thing and go public with it.


Have fun. It’s cauliflower, but not as you know it.


Serving size:

1 portion



1 handful of cauliflower pieces

1 spring onion

1 carrot

Sour cream



First things first, chop up the cauliflower pieces, a slice up a whole spring onion. Then grate a carrot into shreds. Place all of the chopped ingredients into a bowl and add a generous dollop of sour cream.


Mix it all up, and you’re good to go!




Give someone a portion of caulislaw, and they’ll have a good afternoon. Give them the recipe and you’ll make their day forever.


That said, you could just let the experts mix it up for you. After all, we did kind of – you know, invent it.


Book a table today and taste the coolest new ‘slaw in town.