King’s Day.

It’s Amsterdam’s biggest day of the year, one of the world’s best street parties, and features a whole lotta orange.

But what’s it all about we pretend to hear you scream through your phone???

Well, called Koningsdag by those cheeky Dutch, King’s Day has been around since 1885 and is used to honour the current King (or Queen) of Netherlands’ birthday. So really, if you ask us, it’s an excuse for a massive party.

And not wanting to be left out of the action, we’ve partnered with Holland’s own Ketel One to create some cocktail specials to celebrate. Not that we ever need an excuse to party, but if we did?

Well, we found it with these cocktails.


The three best things in the world? Well, that’s easy if you ask us.

Vodka, obvs. Chocolate, definitely. And coffee, of course. But what if you combined ALL these three beautiful things in one magical glass? Well, you’d end up with our Cappuccino Martini.

That’s right, with special Ketel One Oranje vodka, Cointreau, Kahlúa and chocolate liqueur, chilled espresso coffee and a little soy milk, we’ve made a citrusy caffeine kick of a cocktail with all the best things, then topped it with a golden orange crown ‘cause this mix deserved to be royalty.


Prepare to get the good times started with this right regal mix.

As orange as the entirety of Amsterdam on King’s Day, we’ve taken lemony Ketel One Citroen vodka and everyone’s favourite aperitif; Aperol, then stirred them both with green apple syrup and Fever-Tree light tonic water, all for a refreshing spritz that’s fit for a king.


If we had to describe our Purple Reign in just one word? Well, we’d have to go with…


That counts, right? Yes? Look, whatever. With Ketel One Oranje vodka and Lemon & Lime Handcrafted Flavour with lemon, lavender syrup, blackberries and blueberry jam, this is a sweet and sour mix that’s guaranteed to have you laughing in the (purple) rain.


When it comes to raising a toast to the king of your friendship group, make sure you’re holding this tasty lil’ number.

With a whole load of Ketel One Oranje vodka with Peach Handcrafted Flavour, iced tea, apricot syrup and lemon, this blend might be a little bit la-di-dah darling, but damn is it delicious.


Tangy, teasingly tropical and sure to have you doing the tango.

Yes, we’ve combined the Netherlands and the Caribbean for this photogenic number, and thanks to Ketel One Citroen vodka and green apple syrup shaken with coconut, lime and boat-loads of fresh pineapple juice, this is a blend that’s got better moves than everybody else, and it’ll show you on the dancefloor.


Excited? Literally never been thirstier? Seriously considering changing your nationality to Dutch?

Look, we get it, and considering these mixes are super limited edition, we recommend booking your table right this second to get sippin’ on every last one of these delicious new cocktails.

And whatever you do, get ready, ’cause it’s time to celebrate.