All these years of parties and packed dancefloors. Seems almost impossible to distil the Revolution spirit down into a few words… But we’ll take a shot.

Good times are rarely a coincidence. To guarantee a good time every time, you need the perfect measure of a few crucial things. The right mood, music, food and drinks. The right place. The right people.

It’s our people that make the party – one massive kinda family of cocktail connoisseurs and foodies. Lovers of vodka-fuelled late nights and long leisurely lunches. Hard workers. Play harders. Weekend millionaires. Thrifty deal-seekers. Down to earth and humble. Building something bold. Daring. Extra.

It’s our job to help make moments that are moving and memorable. Always never the same. Extraordinary, every single time. And to do this, we must take risks.

We travel the world to seek out the latest trends and tricks of the trade, bringing them to your table before anyone else on the high street. Our forward-thinking team love to innovate in all things food, drink and party – and they’re passionate about bringing you the best, most exciting new products. And of course, making sure you have a damn good time while you’re trying ‘em.

Revolution means something different for different people. And something different for the same people at different times of the day. It means we’re a lot of things, sometimes all at once, but we’re not afraid of that. In fact, we’d say we own it.

It’s something you’d be hard-pressed to find on the high street, if it wasn’t for our 60 locations across the UK. We’re not saying that all other bars are doing it wrong. We just might be saying that we do it better.


For us, practice makes party – and we’ve been doing this for decades. Raising the bar since day one. Pioneers for 20 years, with plenty more where that came from.

And now, to help write our next chapter, you need to get involved. Because darling, it wouldn’t be a party without you.