Being a student can be tough, you’re trying to balance studying, socialising and ensuring that you’re attending classes, all whilst trying to get enough sleep and eat somewhat healthily (we hope). The last thing you should be worrying about is money and wondering how you’re going to pay your bills for the month.   

We have some top tips that can help you manage your finances, whilst maintaining a social life and preventing an impact on your studies.  



Budgeting your money is key to knowing how much money you have coming in, and how much money you have going out. You can break it down into categories, such as bills, food, self-care, socialising and savings, so you know exactly what you have to spend and what you have to keep.  

There’s two ways that you can plan your budget out – the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper, or with a budgeting app.  

We recommend using the “You need a budget” app. All you have to do is verify your student card with them and you get a year for free! The app is American, so everything shows in dollars, however it’s the same principal. You get the idea. 

College – You Need A Budget 


Open a second bank account 

Two bank accounts can be better than one, as you can save one bank account for bills and the other for spending money. 

Have your main bank account, and then consider opening a Revolut card, or Monzo card. Both are great for tracking your spending, and you can also use when abroad. If your friend has an account, ask them to refer you, as you can both get a cash referral bonus – WIN. 

Find out if you’re entitled to a bursary 

Check with your student financial services on your campus. If you’re entitled to any bursaries or grants. You can also check if there are any payments that you can apply for.  

Check out the government student finance page

Get a part time job 

Whilst this may be the obvious answer, it’s worth mentioning that you should only take a part-time job if you know it won’t impact your studies.  Consider weekend work or working at night after your classes.  

Get the right balance for you between working and studying, so that you don’t burn yourself out. We know a great bar FYI, that offers the perfect student job *cough* *cough*. 

Utilise student discounts 

One of the best things about being a student is the discounts. Make sure you’ve signed up to both UNiDAYS and Student Beans to make the most of the discounts on offer to you. Revs also has great student discounts FYI… 


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