You got the grades. You partied hard. And since that potentially life changing day, you’ve been building up for one thing and one thing only: University. You can smell the freedom already, and it smells like beer and pizza.

It’s going to be epic. A non-stop party. Lectures? No one even goes to them. But there’s two sides to every story and we want to make sure you’re ready for that first day and not looking through rose tinted beer goggles.

Well not all the time anyway.

1. The fear is here. Shit. You’re actually moving to University.

All you’ve got is several outfits for Fresher’s week (which you don’t mind admitting are pretty damn hot) and your old school uniform (which, to be honest, could well come in useful…) But in terms of living you have absolutely squat. Solution? Ikea. Where else can you get meatballs and flat-pack tables all under one roof?

Warning: Ikea is never as fun as you imagine. And no, you don’t need those coat hooks that look like a dog’s ass.

2.  And so the journey begins. Ikea lamp, notepad, vodka and all the rest of your worldly belongings all packed in your parent’s car. There is no better feeling than when you take a step back and admire that tight, well packed car. True euphoria. You are a success!

Warning: As you uni bedroom is probably going to be smaller than your dad’s Volvo where do you think all this stuff is going to go?

3. First one to make friends wins! Do you play hard to get and wait for them to come to you, knock on doors with a bottle or just follow the nearest crowd to a bar? Don’t worry, by the end of the night you’ll be hugging and telling each other “I love you” and that “it feels like we’ve been mates for years”.

Warning: They’re called Fresher Friends for a reason. Yes you may have struck lucky and found your soulmate but chances are you grasped on to the nearest object in blind panic. Your new BFF could just as easily have been a lamp post. You’ll probably spend the rest of first year trying to shake off the mates you made in that first week.

4. Congrats! You’ve made it to Revolution, Student Card purchased (ONLY £2 FOR OFFERS ALL YEAR LONG!!!) free drink in hand and you’re surrounded by potential new mates. Things are looking good…

Warning: Your name, where you’re from and what you’re studying will be the opening of every conversation with everyone you meet. You will want to change your name after that first week and you’ll wish you were studying something more interesting like “The Beatles, Popular Music and Society” or “Circus and Physical Performances” (yes they are real degrees, no you can’t change yours). Just think yourself lucky you avoided “Gap Year Guy”.

5. For the first time you don’t have to text your mum to tell her you won’t be coming home tonight. You can put oven chips on and set the fire alarm off without feeling your dad’s wrath. And stay in bed until lunchtime tomorrow without THAT look from the parents which makes you feel guilty…

Warning: If you’re not texting your mum, then where else do those drunken texts go? Think about it…