Revs new food menu, it’s coming on the 25th of April.


We’re talking Revs kebabs, Ultimate burgers, and FRIED CHICKEN. There is something for whatever vibe you’re feeling.

Hungover? We got you, tuck into a delicious main made up of Fried chicken and gravy or a classic Katsu Curry.

Broke up with your BF/GF? No worries, we have Pizza that will soak up the tears.

Needing to dish out the goss to your bestie? That’s fine. We have grazers for that, after all sharing is caring.

Fancy a casual beer and burger? We have that. Simple, easy and delicious, what more could you want?


Now you’re probably wondering what’s new? Here’s some highlights.


Revs Kebab:

Now this isn’t your typical greasy Kebab shop kebab, NO this is BETTER. This is a Revs Kebab. We have it topped with either Chicken or Falafel, so veggies and vegans, you’re covered too.

We promise it’s DELICIOUS.

The Ultimate Burger:

A new ‘fancy’ addition to the menu. Our Ultimate Burger. What makes it so amazing? Well for a start it smokes. Yes, it literally smokes. Secondly, its delicious. That’s all you really need to know.

Try it.

Fried Chicken and Chips:

Classic, tasty and it comes with gravy… see what we did there. If you like chicken, you’ll like this main.

That’s all.


Cajun Chicken and Chips:

With the right amount of spice, our new Cajun Chicken and Chips will not disappoint. Trust us, it’s tasty. You honestly won’t be able to resist.

We’re not bias but it might be even better than chicken from a very well known (who’s name we shall not mention) chicken chain.


Salt and Chilli Lime Fries:

Now, this is a new FAVOURITE. We’re not exaggerating when we say, this is a new side that you will not want to miss out on. Order with every meal, we won’t judge.

Oh, and for the month of May, you can get a free upgrade of your fries to these by using the secret code… “I know your secret”. It’s not really that much of a secret, tell your friends.


That’s just some of our new favourite dishes, the menu is long. You can read it for yourself.

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