Hands up who needs an INCREDIBLE DRINKS DEAL in their lives this Autumn…


It’s all good… we see –YOU- raising your hand.


You might have noticed that the price of everything is going UP… but lucky for you, that’s not the case at Revs.


In fact, we’re lowering our prices. You’re welcome.


We’re always looking for ways to get you the best deal and the biggest saving. Which is why from right now until the end of November, you can enjoy jaw droppingly low prices on some of your favourite drinks.


When we say low prices, we mean LOW.


We’re talking just £2.99 for a pint of Amstel, £2.99 for a single vodka + mixer (you can double up for £1.50 if you’re feeling fancy) or even £3.49 for a pint of Orchard Thieves Cider or £3.49 for a vodka + redbull.


It’s available in some of your favourite Revs and we’re always looking to get more bars involved – for the full list of sites, check out our Autumn Drinks Deal page here.


Plus, if you’re feeling a bit peckish and fancy something to eat – check out £2.99 Meal Deal here


Our Meal Deal is another amazing menu created just for you. 


We’re always looking for ways to add more value to your life and this is our way of saving you money by easing the strain on your bank balance whilst still allowing you to life your best life (at Revs, obvs).


If you’re in England, it’s available Sunday to Friday. If you’re in Scotland, you can take advantage of this money saving deal Sunday to Wednesday (it’s different because of licensing… don’t @ us).


ICYMI, it’s only available until the 30th November so if you’re reading this on launch day (the 16th October) you have just 46 days to make the most of this BIG deal. 


If you’re reading this after launch day, you have even less time to get your discounted fill of Revs so click the link below to find your nearest bar running this offer.


Discover the bars running the £2.99 Drinks Deal here.