Just like everyone counts down to the Coca-Cola ad appearing on the telly, the release of our Christmas cocktail menu is another sign that the Big Man with the Beard is coming soon.

Sure, you can sit cross-legged in front of the box chanting holidays are coming, holidays are coming until then. We’re cool with that.

OR you can check out our cheeky rundown of our FAV ever Chrimbo cocktails that we’ve brought to you over the years. These little numbers have made the nice list this year… Have you?

The North Polaroid

What it was: A festive mix of Stoli vodka, Amaretto, cherry syrup, strawberry purée, pineapple juice and lemon, garnished with edible glitter and your own personal Polaroid.

Why we loved it: Because not only was it tasty, it helped up your Christmas selfies to a whole other level. How many other drinks come served with a super cool, old school Polaroid… of YOURSELF looking as gorgeous (probably) as ever!

Plus, with an actual physical keepsake, it meant there was a chance you could actually remember some of your night out. Maybe.

Merry Kissmas

What it was: Ketel One vodka, vanilla liqueur and pineapple juice blended with cranberry, lime and strawberry jam. Topped with raspberry sherbet and a teeny tiny packet of Love Hearts. CUTE.

Why we loved it: ‘Twas the season to pucker up and party when we served up this sweet thang. Not only did it make you smile with every tasty sip, but your besties also had a great time thanks to all the candy you had to share. Oh, what’s that? You never dished out the ‘Cutie’ and ‘Be Mine’ treats, but kept them for yourself? Well sugar, we don’t blame you.

Young, Free & Jingle

What it was: This winter wonderland contained Stoli vodka, Chambord, Amaretto, cherry syrup, lemon juice and Rekorderlig Spiced Plum Cider.

Why we loved it: Adorned with cute little candy canes, this pitcher was perfect for rounding up your mates and getting the party started. Because that’s what Christmas is all about – sharing drinks and hangovers. And if you forgot to get them a gift? Just grab an extra straw – and DONE! Friendship goals.

Rudolph Frappé</h2

What it was: Ketel One vodka and Ravin’ Raspberry Flavour blended with strawberries, cherry syrup, pineapple juice and lime. With squirty cream and a cherry on top.

Why we loved it: Just look at how cute he is!! For those who didn’t find an adorable puppy in their stocking come Christmas morning, this was the next best thing. And as for top-quality-Likes-guaranteed-influencer-level-Instagram content? Lil’ Rudolph here was THE best festive muse for your sosh meedz.

Scrooge Driver

What it was: This warming blast of Stoli vodka, Amaretto, orange juice, lime and cinnamon syrup could thaw even the coldest of hearts.

Why we loved it: What’s not to love? When, at Christmas time, it’s socially acceptable to drink ANY alcohol with orange juice for breakfast. This baby combined not one but TWO tasty spirits with a wee hint of spicy cinnamon for extra festive vibes. Plus with the lime in there too, it was practically two of our 5 a day. Amirite?


Fancy holding your Christmas celebrations in a bar of wonder? Where sleighbells ring and cocktails flow and delicious food is served seven days a week? We bet you do.

Be a little star this year and check out what’s on offer with us this Christmas. Even better, go on and book your Christmas party with us – you won’t be disappointed. 

Now, all together now: It’s beginning to look a lot like cocktails…