Wedge is the way forward

Sweet Potato Wedges

Right about now, sweet potatoes really are the darling of healthy diets. They’re packed with fibre, which keeps hunger pangs on lockdown (‘til way after lunch, take THAT Shreddies) and they’re low in fat and calories too.

Sweet potato fries were a foodie craze that swept the nation like tasty orange wildfire – you’d be hard pressed to find a menu that doesn’t feature the crisp little beauties (and yes, we’ve got ‘em too!). But as they still LOOK like chips, you don’t quite get that angelic ‘being good’ feeling when you scoff a whole bowl.

With wedges? There’s no deep-frying involved, so say hello to totally guilt-free food at its finest.

Superfoods, for the win

Warm Super Grain Salad

Another foodie trend that’s showing no signs of going stale is superfood – no self-respecting, clean-eating Insta feed is without ‘em.

You know the usual suspects… Beetroot, quinoa, wheatberries, and the like. All of which are loaded with nutrients, and just so happen to feature in our Warm Super Grain Salad. This belly-filling, well-being-boost even comes with pulled chicken and feta for bonus protein points, to help level up your health game.

Every bite is a marvellous medley of vitamins and minerals, making you feel refreshed and replenished from the inside out. ‘Cause non-complex carbs are just so 2016.

Gym-goers rejoice!

Grilled Chicken Skewers

If you wanna see real results, hitting the gym must go hand-in-hand with upping your protein intake. And what’s everybody’s fav high protein food? Chick-chick-chick-chick-chickeeeen, of course!

Our Grilled Chicken Skewers are a gorgeous healthy choice, just what you need if you’re in the process of getting ripped. Served solo, with just a hint of coriander dressing, they’re lean, clean and will help turn you into a total muscle machine.

Now, which way to the beach?!

Up your health game, freestyle

Chicken Freestyle Wrap

The next entry on our list of guilt-free goodies is our Chicken Freestyle Wrap – another protein-packed poultry offering that promises to perk you up this January.

Delicious mango and lime chicken is tossed with harissa, mint, pomegranate and plenty more. Then, it’s all served to you in a delicious, flamed-grilled open tortilla so that you can wrap it up, your way.

It’s the flexible foodie choice for fussy eaters – and an ideal balanced meal if you’re trying (desperately) to get your pre-Christmas bod back.


As you can see, when it comes to guilt-free food choices, our latest menu is truly on point.

Don’t forget – all food is 50% OFF ‘til the end of January, but only when you book in advance. Pay half, get full and feed your flavour cravings, all whilst staying firmly on the wagon.