At long last, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

No, we’re not opening 24-7 (although, wouldn’t that be cool?!) but we ARE bringing you some incredible cocktails with our BRAND NEW cocktail menu!

Yeah, it’s finally arrived and tbh, we’re pretty damn proud of the thing. As per usual, we’ve ripped up the cocktail rulebook and created some crazy new blends – with a few new looks, flavours and surprises thrown into the mix.

We think you’re gonna love it, so let’s see shall we?

Unicorn Frappé

Unicorn Frappé

Obvs, you just know we’re gonna start as we mean to go on.

And this first one is truly magical. Mystical. Mythical even. But the best bit? It ACTUALLY exists.

Our Unicorn Frappé – yes, you DID read that correctly – is an unreal blend of Ketel One vodka, Raspberry and Melted Ice Cream Revolution Handcrafted Flavours, half and half, strawberries and blueberry jam. This enchanted mix is all topped with squirty cream, bubblegum sauce and a sprinkle of fairy dust a.k.a zingy raspberry sherbet.

Seriously, it must be seen (and tasted) to be believed!

Pimped Aperol Spritz

Pimped Aperol Spritz

Look, while Aperol, Bolla Prosecco and soda is a pretty delicious combo, you just know we live for being EXTRA.

That’s why we’ve taken the classic Italian aperitif, and made it EVEN bloomin’ better.

By adding sweet apricot syrup, some lemon and a stunning orange flame, we’ve seriously upped our Aperol game. Take it from us, this cocktail is Italy’s answer to just about anything and, once you’ve tried our version, you’ll soon see why.

Grin & Pear It

Has life got you a bit down? Lost that spring in your step? Is the last thing you laughed at a Michael McIntyre comedy special from 2008?

Luckily, we’ve got something to sort it.

For our Grin & Pear It, we’ve combined the crisp sharpness of Ketel One vodka, the fragrant flavours of Aperol and sweet pear syrup. Then we’ve added a little strawberry purée and orange juice and topped it all off with Red Bull Tropical Edition. TA-DA!

Now, if there’s anything that’s guaranteed to get you smiling after just one sip, this is it.

Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder

As you can imagine, this one is a right little tropical storm in a, er, mason jar.

Okay, that saying doesn’t really work, but our Tropic Thunder definitely does. With a wild mix of Ketel One and SKYY Passion Fruit vodkas, Luxardo amaretto, Coco Reàl, and pineapple juice, all topped with lime and zesty Ting, this is a pure hit of tropical goodness with a proper tasty edge.

Intended to be shared, there are rumours that one glass of this will ship you straight to a seafront shack in Bermuda. Or swimming with those CUTE pigs in Barbados.


Berry Appletising

Berry Appletising

The words ‘refreshing’, ‘mouthwatering’ and ‘thirst-quencher’ get thrown about quite a bit in the world of cocktails, but this teasingly tangy mix is a total game-changer.

It’s SUCH a tasty blend of Ketel One and Cîroc Pink Grapefruit vodkas, pear and apricot syrup, mango purée, lime and Appletiser. SO tasty, that pretty soon you’ll look in the dictionary for all of those words and not see a definition, but just a picture of our Berry Appletising.

Seriously, these are as good as summer cocktails can possibly get.


Well, what are you waiting for? Book a table and get sippin’ on every last one of these delicious new cocktails.