You wanted ‘em, and now you’ve got ‘em.

First there was begging, next there was outrage, then there was an extremely coordinated protest outside our bars with hard-hitting signs saying ‘we only have fries for you’…

But at long last, our Pulled Beef Denver Fries are back by VERY popular demand. So in case you’ve somehow forgotten (no chance!), here’s a reminder of why they’re so damn delicious.


Potty. Bonkers. Bloody batsh*t crazy.

These are just a few of the names we’ve been called for even trying to improve our wonderful Pulled Beef Denver Fries. But despite the naysayers, we’ve always been one for a challenge, and you better believe we’ve pulled it off.

We’ve swapped out the bacon for some delectable salt beef, made the cheese sauce even more gloriously gooey, and thrown in some Roquito peppers to really tickle your taste buds. And now it’s EVEN bigger than ever before, you’d be the potty one to even think about missing these.


Does every holiday you go on need a military-precision itinerary revolving around cheese? Is it simply impossible to choose a favourite? As far as you’re concerned, is a meal not valid unless it’s covered in cheese?

If you answered YES to all of these, you’re definitely a cheese addict.

And seeing as our Pulled Beef Denver Fries are absolutely smothered in perfectly melted, wonderfully gooey bliss, you NEED these in your life ASAP.


The lip-smackingly salty pulled beef. The superbly sticky melted cheese. The lil’ touch of spice from those naughty Roquito peppers. All topped with the creamiest peppercorn sauce you’ve ever seen.

We apologise for sounding like a particularly saucy episode from Nigella Lawson’s back catalogue, but we just can’t help it… our Pulled Beef Denver Fries are just THAT scrumptiously good.


Ah, last night you were the life and soul of the party, the booze was flowing, and everyone definitely loved seeing your David Brent impression seventeen times.

But now it’s mid-afternoon, and it feels like seventeen David Brent’s are using your brain to practice the merengue.

Need some help? Well, as a Greek philosopher once said, “the only thing more powerful than a human’s touch, is the touch of Pulled Beef Denver Fries to one’s mouth”. We think it was Plato. Or maybe Socrates. We’re sure it was one of the big ones, okay.

And holy cow were they right.


Now, we could probably keep talking about the greatness of this lil’ (read: massive) number for at least fourteen days, but if we’re honest, you’re best off getting stuck in yourself.

And don’t forget, our Pulled Beef Denver Fries are just one of many seriously good eats of our new Kitchen Menu, so it’s probably time to sample it all in its full glory. Book your table right here, message your fellow cheese addicts, and get yourself down here.