Hey Putney.

Look, we’re not gonna beat around the bush… We know you’re pretty great.

We’ve spent the weekend jogging by the riverside. We’ve seen with our own eyes just how picturesque the view from Putney Bridge is. And we know full well you’re a humble hidden gem in one of the greatest cities in the world.

But we think it’s about time you learnt just how great we are too. We know we’re gonna fit right in with your trendy lil’ town, and to prove it, here’s a rundown of everything on offer when we become Putney’s newest bar.


You thought a revolutionary new bar opening just before Christmas was your only present this year? Well, think again, ‘cause we’re packing an extra gift you’re guaranteed to love… Our Christmas cocktails!

From our G&Tree, a blend deserves to be at the top of any tree, to our Rudolph Frappé, the festive reindeer fuel you need to feel merry, and even the crackin’ classics you know and love like our Pornstar Martini, one thing’s for sure with this menu… It’s a complete gift to your taste buds.

So if you think you can handle a boozier Christmas spirit this season, check out the full menu here.


Burgers that are known as ‘leaning towers of awesome’ on Tripadvisor. The stickiest BBQ ribs, just begging to be eaten. Wraps fully loaded with everyone’s favourite squeaky cheese.

Don’t be fooled, we’re not just about mixing up the perfect blends. We know you take food seriously, so we do too. That’s exactly why we’ve applied the same skills and crazy imagination you see in our cocktails and put them to work in the kitchen.

Now, we could go on and on (and on and on and on) about the delights of our bar food menu, but if we’re honest, you’re best off taking a look yourself. Otherwise, we’ll never shut up about it.


Cola Cube. Cream Soda. Very Cherry. Bubblegum. Pear Drop. That’s right, and we’re only just scratching the surface.

What started as a bit of a crazy, adventurous (maybe even illegal?) experiment in our first bar with a madman, a blender and a vodka-guzzling baby llama, has grown into our very own Handcrafted Flavour factory AND its own online store.

And with over 30 zany, ridiculously mouth-watering choices to try in bar, and a few to take home for yourself, which Flavour are you trying first?


Work hard. Play harder. That’s what we’re all about.

For more than two decades, we’ve been campaigning against those ordinary nights out we’ve all just accepted as the norm. We’ve moderated any form of moderation and basically, we’ve made good times bloody great.

So with all this in mind, we guess the only question is… Are you ready for a Revolution, Putney?


We sure hope so, ‘cause before you know it, we’ll be on your doorstep with our own brand of brilliant shizz at our party venue.

And the best bit? Our New Year’s Eve party is right around the corner, and it’s gonna show you just how extraordinary Revolution London Putney really is.