Not at the ‘I’ve asked for an Airfryer for xmas’ kind of stage?! Then you’ve come to the right place…

We can’t grant Harry Styles tickets for Christmas but in our eyes, we’re the next best thing (awks, does that make us sound like Liam Payne?)

Explore our gift guide below and find something you (or someone else) will love this Christmas. And if you don’t, then *cough cough* maybe you should take a leaf out of Taylor’s book 👀


Afternoon Tea:

At Revs, we do things differently, but you should know that by now. So, if you’re looking for the gifts of all gifts that won’t cost an arm and a leg this Christmas (unless you have a secret sugar daddy), then call us your fairy godmother because your wish is our command. Our Afternoon Tea for Two experience is instagramable, involves your fave flavor shots and there’s no scones insight – Hallelujah.

Buy it here 👉 CHRISTMAS GIFTS – Revolution AFTERNOON TEA (


Burger & cocktails gift card:

Want to know what’s better than a burger & cocktail at Revs? It’s tricky, we know! A FREE burger and cocktail at Revs – duh. Okay, well it’s not free if you buy it, but how awesome would it be to receive a kind & thoughtful gift like that. We like to think of it as your ‘rainy day’ voucher, when you really don’t want another bowl of pasta and craving a ‘mean girl’ cocktail!



Revs flavor:

You know when you buy a present and can’t wait to tell that person what it is, even though you know you really shouldn’t! That’s the feeling we get with Revs Flavor. Not because we made it or anything 😉 but because you get to have a taste of Revs at home. Pre-drinks don’t get much better than that, right?

Buy it here 👉 CHRISTMAS GIFTS – Revolution REVS FLAVOUR (


Kindness Token:

You know what they say – “The best things in life come in small packages” well, TA-DAAAAAA… Our Kindness Token is just that (and not that kind of token 👀). Yeah, they’re perfect as a ‘thanks for being you’ kind of gift but what about those moments when your friend really did save your ass. Like that drunken text you were going to send to your ex. Those are the ones who truly deserve a token gift this Christmas!

Buy it here 👉 Revolution KINDNESS TOKEN (