Our Vodka Flavours are a bit special.

Each one packs a whole load of flavour and a big hit of vodka. What more could you actually want from a drink?

All 30 (that’s right – 30!) of them are very awesome in their own way. But here is our definitive, ultra-scientifically calculated top-10 ranking of our Vodka Flavours.


A vodka-laced hit of the all-american combo. It tastes so good, you might be tempted to spread it over some toast.

Don’t though. That would be awful.

Melted Ice Cream

We serve up our Vodka Flavours ice cold, which makes this taste even more like your slurping down a delicious mouthful of Haagen Daaz.

Pancake Syrup

Be careful – this one looks, smells and tastes like the stuff you put on your pancakes so…. In fact, go ahead and put it on your pancakes, it’ll probably work great.


It’s so fruity, it actually counts as one of your five a day. Definitely. We think. Maybe. Sure, why not?

XXX Chilli

Shots are supposed to be fun. That’s why we mixed up this little devil, which is a good laugh for everyone (apart from the poor sucker who has to drink it).

Jelly Baby

Jelly babies have never been this badass (or tasted this good!).

White Chocolate

Move over Milky Bar kid, you speccy little nerd – there’s a new definitive white chocolate in town, and this one’s got VODKA in it.

Salted Caramel Popcorn

Pure indulgence, and will definitely make ANY movie more enjoyable.

Dandelion & Burdock

This wonderful shot is part of our new Old School Awesome trio of Vodka Flavours, and it goes perfectly with fish and chips. Kind of.

Mango & Pineapple

A seriously fruity trip to the tropics. if you can’t afford the plane ticket, this will substitute nicely (or at least help you forget you can’t afford the plane ticket).

Love Candy

Give one of these to the one you love and they’ll love you even more. THAT’s how good it tastes.

And there you have it.

Even though this list was produced via ultra-scientific, methodical means and definitely not just a random selection of 10 flavours we fancied showing off, we reckon you still need to come and check out the rest of the Vodka Flavours.