A Christmas hen party is pretty much a girls’ nights out, times 1,000. As if a standard hen party wasn’t wild enough, try adding a huge dose of festivity into the mix for good measure.

It’s uncontrollable. Believe us, we’re regularly sorting out festive hen parties for party-crazed bridezillas, so we know what we’re talking about.

We’re so good at it, we decided to put together this handy guide for the bridesmaid fortunate enough to be in charge of sorting out the party.

Here are the definitive DO’s and DON’Ts of Christmas hen parties.

Do understand the Christmas hen party bride

You’re likely to have guests that are single and ready to mingle, others who are in such a complicated relationship that it’s not even worth asking about and the odd few that are married with kids.

Some brides would love a crazy Christmas night out with cockerels flapping around, but she might prefer drinking in one of our classy coops. Make sure you ask if she wants something risque because if it turns out she’s more of a conservative bride, it won’t go down well.

Don’t guess everyone’s budget

With Christmas parties aplenty during December, it’s about getting bang for your buck for both you and your hens. All’s we know is there’s enough room in the budget and guaranteed good times at the bottom of a Strawberry Woo Woo.

Do think about ace party games

No, we’re not talking about “Duck, duck, goose” or any other poultry-themed games. We suggest organising whimsical Christmas games for the bride to take part in. Or, you could arrange a classic Mr & Mrs quiz where the bride has to match her groom’s answers about their relationship.

You’ll soon find out how well they know each other… but don’t let it get out of hand. The worst thing for the night is coup-like drama, especially if it detracts from the bride’s big night.

Don’t forget about mother hen

If the bride has invited her mum to the event, keep this in mind, particularly when playing any games. It’s safe to say that Mother Hen won’t want to know the extent of her daughter’s necking skills during those rather risque hen party quizzes.

Do plan the party in advance

With most venues at Christmas packed to the rafters, you really don’t want to waste a hen night squabbling with waiters for a table, do you? To make the occasion as stress-free as possible, make sure you pre-book your event so everything is sorted before the big night out.

Don’t upload the evidence

Christmas hen party planners might decide to throw some male strippers into the mix and hey, why not? This can be a barrel of laughs, however, this could ruffle her new husband’s feathers, even if the Groom’s night out isn’t that different.

Do mix it up a bit

Book fun group activities so that there is plenty to talk about before the meal, whether it’s a spa day or adrenaline-fuelled adventure day. Revolution is the perfect place to shake your tail feather afterwards,  with a DJ that’ll mix the tunes that’ll have you dancing your cares away, single or shacked up.

Don’t book it too close to the wedding

Hen parties the night before a wedding is a disaster waiting to happen. The bride wants to look perfect on her big day, so copious amounts of our cocktails weeks before will give her plenty of time to recover. There’s no doubt she’ll want want to feel as fresh as a daisy when walking down the aisle.

Don’t make too much of a scene, unless…

Some brides will love matching costumes, but others brides might think that’s too clichéd. Ask the bride her option before you parade a penis-shaped balloons around town. You don’t want to embarrass her (or, maybe you do…).

Don’t let the hen night be the first time people meet

If the bride is inviting a colleague that doesn’t know any of her close friends, organising a mini event before the hen do is a great shout.

Visiting the Christmas markets, for example, could allow everyone to get to know each other before the big Christmas hen party. This way, you won’t have two guests sticking together and becoming isolated from the group.

Planning the Christmas hen party?

Are you the lucky gal in charge of planning the Hen do at Crimbo? Well, here at Revolution you’re in the safest hands. From cocktails to canapés, we’ll provide a Christmas hen party you’ll never forget (for all the right reasons).

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