Get to know our Mean Girl Cocktail

We might wear pink on Wednesdays, but we drink pink – every day of the week… especially when it tastes (and looks) as good as our Mean Girl Cocktail.


Discover the not so secret ingredients

Our iconic and well-loved cocktail is inspired by Regina George herself. 

Flirtatious, sassy and a little bit pink (okay, it’s a lot pink!)

It’s a vibrant mix of two of our favourite house spirits; Ketel One vodka and Beefeater Pink gin. We’ve added a dash of lime, refreshing cranberry juice, and lemonade to bring you a cocktail like no other.

We’ve even added playful quotes from the film to the drink, because it’s not a regular cocktail, it’s a cool cocktail.


A very fetch deal… aka a deal that saves you money

ICYMI, October 3rd is Mean Girls day BUT lucky for you, you can enjoy this cocktail any day of the week. 

Better yet, if you’re a student, you can enjoy two of these cocktails for the price of one ALL DAY, EVERY DAY (except after 9pm on Saturday… we’re not savages). If you’re in Scotland, they’re £6 each.

Not registered as a Revs student yet? Download the Revs app by clicking here and join our Halls of Revidence today. You can thank us later… after you’ve enjoyed a Mean Girl of course. 

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Not studying? No drama. It is an R-Heart cocktail which means it’s a part of our Happy Hour/Happy Days deal. To find out more about that including the timings for your local Revs, check out the Happy Hour/Happy Days page by clicking here.

One of our most popular cocktails

Unlike the plastics (IYKYK), this cocktail is loved by all. It’s a fan favourite but don’t take our word for it, check out some of our favourite photos of you guys with this delicious cocktail.

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Time to get ordering

We’ll be enjoying a Mean Girl or two on October 3rd (and every other day that ends in a Y) because you can absolutely sit with us whenever you like.

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