Some movies make us cry, some make us laugh and some just make us want to party:

1. The Hangover

A film about a tiger, a baby and piecing your night together based on the receipts in your pocket. Basically every Friday night, then.

2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Ferris calls in sick, “borrows” a Ferrari, and embarks on a one-day journey through the streets of Chicago. If you’re going to skive, skive in style.

3. American Pie


Stifler’s mom, the famous pastry-humping scene and a load of legendary lines including “this one time, at band camp.”

4. Van Wilder


This film’s actually based on the real life story of Bert “The Machine” Kreischer, a guy who was featured in Rolling Stone magazine as “the top partier” at Florida State University. Bert claimed that on a college trip to Russia he ended up partying with the Russian mob. LAD.

5. Superbad


To remind us how much easier partying (and life) is without raging hormones.

6. The Bachelor Party

Makes The Hangover look like a children’s tea party.

7. Almost Famous

Penny Lane said, “it’s all happening.” And she was kinda right. A film about love, music and partying, with the take home message: call your mum more.

8. Swingers


Five guys in their 20s dealing with the challenges of life and women, mostly in dark, effortlessly cool clubs of Hollywood. It’s basically about friends pulling you through the rough patches.

9. Project X

Not the best quality film but that is one hell of a party (as in actual hell on earth).

10. Cinderella

Odd choice, but she parties so hard a pumpkin turns into a horse and carriage. And that deserves our respect.

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