If you ask us, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, especially when it comes to booze.

It could come out of a sippy cup for all we care, as long as it tastes like a fine, triple-distilled vodka.

Still, even we think there’s nothing wrong with a little creative packaging. And we’ve discovered that booze bottles come in some of the most creative, interesting, and just plain batsh*t crazy designs you’ve ever seen.

Here are the unusual liquor bottles you won’t actually believe exist.

Hijos De Villa Pistol Reposado Tequila

Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘tequila shot’, Hijos De Villa released this special bottle on the 100th anniversary of the Mexican revolution.

Adam Brandy

This is an Armenian brandy. Their bottle is shaped like… Well, you know.

Crystal Head vodka

Dan Aykroyd’s vodka (that guy from Ghostbusters) is true to its name and comes in a Crystal Head. People are pretty so-so about the actual vodka, but who can say no to this awesome candle holder?

The Macallan 64 Year Old in Lalique Cire Perdue

You’re looking at the priciest bottle of whisky ever sold, with this bottle of 64-year-old Macallan selling for an astounding $500,000. It’s a truly amazing decanter but really, half a mil?

Absolut Rock Edition

So, this is supposed to be very rock and roll, but for some reason, it just feels a lil’ kinkier than that. Before drinking from this bottle, we reckon it’s probably best to have a safe word.


To be honest, this list is barely scratching the surface of the unusual bottle designs out there. We could have gone on for days, but frankly, we’d rather stick to the stuff we know tastes good.

If you’re in the same boat, make sure you check out our drinks menu. There aren’t many crazy bottles, but we can guarantee there are some delicious mixes for you to try.

And best of all, not a penis bottle in sight.