It’s National Vegetarian Week, and if you’re a particularly enthusiastic meat-lover, you’ve probably started struggling right about now.

Like, we bet you can’t even think about carbs after eating 67 potatoes in three days, you’ve got no idea whether it’s safe to eat lentils and you reckon there’s a very real possibility that you’ll starve to death before the week is up.

We get it, we really do. There’s nothing easy about going cold-tofu, especially after you’ve tasted tofu.

But to prove to you that meat-free doesn’t have to suck, we’re rounding up some of our veggie dishes that will get even the biggest carnivores calling out for halloumi, houmous and a helluva lot less… Well, meat.

Bean Dreamin’

A recent study estimated that the average meat-eater thinks about burgers every 12 seconds.

Now, we can’t confirm the validity of this research because we literally just made it up, but you’re too busy thinking about burgers to really argue against our findings.

So when you’re dreaming about your next burger (in about 11 seconds we estimate), we reckon you make it our Bean Dreamin’ burger. It’s a flavour-packed sweet potato and bean burger topped with beetroot, houmous and our boozy vodka salsa. Nice buns, too.

Margherita Pizza

Sometimes, you just can’t beat an irresistible classic.

Fresh, simple, and with more cheese than a Hugh Grant rom-com, our Margherita Pizza makes going meat-free about as easy as it gets.

Superfood Salad with Boiled Eggs

If you think healthy, vegetarian food is not fulfilling enough, then you NEED this dish in your life.

Not only is this tasty and completely fresh, but with more superfoods than you’ve ever heard of, you can leave the red meat in the freezer.

Seriously, prepare to feel bloomin’ fantastic thanks to generous helpings of smashed avocado, quinoa, lentils, wheatberries, cucumber ribbons, shredded carrot and soya beans all topped with our delicious mango and chilli dressing. Yum!

Halloumigod That’s Good burger

Just… Just look at it, ffs.

We think it’s safe to say, vegetarian food will never be thought of as boring ever again.

Our Halloumigod That’s Good burger features delicious buttermilk fried halloumi, vodka salsa, salad, and of course, the thing you haven’t been able to stop looking at, an avocado bun.

If you haven’t said the f-word under your breath at the sight of that bun, you’re a better person than us.*

Halloumi & Chips

Who needs fish, eh?

Swap your classic fish and chips order for something that’s gonna get your vegetarian taste buds totally excited!

Our deep-fried, beer-battered halloumi is served with fat chips, mushy peas, tartare sauce, and a friendly reminder that fish are friends, not food.


Want to be part of our meat-free frenzy?

Course you do! So step away from the bacon, check out which of these dishes are available at your local Revolution, then get stuck in by booking a table with us. Go on, feed your inner veggie!


*Halloumigod That’s Good burger only available in certain city locations. Please check the menu of your local bar.