They’re a sneaky bunch, Southenders. Keeping lots of cool bits about their town hidden from the rest of us.

Well, we’ve been snoopin’ around for fun stuff and found out a few bits you might wanna know. Here are Southend’s secrets the locals DON’T want you to know.

Rossi’s Ice Cream is the best in the world

It’s a well-known fact across the entire South East coast that you CANNOT beat a scoop of Rossi’s finest. Not even in Italy.

It’s heart-meltingly, mouth-wateringly good, and there’s nothing in the world that tops it. Apart from nuts. And hot fudge sauce. Mmmmm.

It’s got its own airport and it’s actually pretty sick

In fact, the new Southend Airport is SO good, EasyJet recently voted it the BEST in Europe.

Now normally, we wouldn’t be so trusting of ol’ Squeezy (remember that time they kicked Kate Moss off a flight ‘cause she was calling everyone a basic bitch?!) but we’re sure when it comes to airports, they probs know what they’re talking about.

And if it’s good enough for this well-traveled budget behemoth of an airline, it’s good enough for little old us.

It’s well better than Brighton

Pffft, Brighton.

Pier? Check. Amusements. Check. Huge swarms of violent, chip-stealing seagulls? CHECK.

While Southend might not be a totally bird-free beach, Southend seagulls sure as hell aren’t as brave as Brighton seagulls. And that means you can actually sit on the seafront and eat, without experiencing a violent aerial attack/risk getting pooped on.

AND the beach is gloriously sandy, none of that bumpy, stony, hurts-your-bum pebble b*llocks.

The Southend Scooter Rally is not to be missed…

… Even if you’re not a mod! The sight of thousands of scooters, er, scooting along the seafront is so cool, it’s enough to get you (temporarily) buttoning-up your polo shirts, donning a green parka and listening to Paul Weller.

Nah, the event is amazing – even if the only mod you know is your dad – and it’s well-worth a watch when all the vintage Vespas arrive.

It once played host to the world’s first lady lion tamer

She made an appearance in 1901 at The Kursaal, the world’s first ever amusement park.

Wth, Southend? That is possibly the wildest fact of them all, and we bet tourism would be ROARING if you told everybody about the time the world’s first lady lion tamer was in town.

In the summer, people are very relaxed about public nudity

In fact, it’s practically encouraged!

Ok, so Southend’s laws aren’t actually any different to other UK towns (and you might be risking a criminal record should you head down in the buff) BUT you should see it on a sunny day.

It seems the sun gets his hat on, and the residents get their kit off, quickly forming a half-naked queue into the sea.

Aspiring nudist? Make Southend your summer destination, ‘cause this town sure ain’t shy about showing a little skin…

The Fast and Furious franchise ain’t got nothin’ on Southend seafront

Ok, so loads of locals give the car-meets a hard time ‘cause they park badly and leave McDonald’s wrappers lying around. But they’re actually pretty cool.

Ever since the cops cracked down, the events are super fun and safe. And hundreds of souped-up, modified motors is always a sight to see, even if you’re not wheely into cars. Ouch. Sorry.

So, what’s Southend’s BIGGEST secret?

Southend isn’t all boring grannies and boyracers.

In fact, there’s nothing ‘sleepy’ about this seaside town at all. It’s packed with cool shizz, quirky places and fun things to do. And NOW, it’s getting even better.

Revolution Southend-on-Sea is coming and we’re gonna help you say goodbye to boring parties, bad cocktails and bland food. Get ready for something extraordinary, so book your tickets to the launch party today to get involved.

This one’s gonna be big, we can promise you that!