Picking the right cocktail isn’t just a matter of flavour.

Oh no. It’s much, much more than that.

The cocktail you choose is like a window to your soul, and the trained eye can see deep into the darkest recesses of your psyche through the looking glass of your Mojito.

Basically, it says a bit about who you are. Here’s a rundown of who’s who in the world of cocktails.


You’re classy. You’re maybe even a bit sassy. And you get what you want, every single time. With the Cosmopolitan’s one-of-a-kind taste, it’s safe to say that this is a cocktail that’s picked only by a person who knows exactly what they’re after.


You are a bitter individual who is well acquainted with the cold reality of existence. You don’t dress your taste buds up with illusions of sugary sweet alcohol. No. You need a cocktail composed of harsh, powerful flavours. Why?

Because only by tasting the true bitterness of reality can you discover its true beauty.

Strawberry Woo Woo

You’re just looking for a good time. Some people want to challenge their taste buds, others like you are after a quick fix of saccharine sweet loveliness. After all, life is for enjoying, not drinking cocktails that taste funny because you’re trying to prove some kind of point.


Partying is your name, and partying is your game. Okay, your name isn’t Partying, but you love partying so much that you’d actually consider changing your name to Partying just so you could say that sentence and mean it.
Why else would you order the Mojito? After all, it’s a Cuban classic that’s made to be taken onto the dancefloor to inspire a few hours of non-stop salsa dancing.

Pina Colada

You’re the kind of person who’s always got a flight booked to a tropical destination. You love the beach life, the sun, sea and sand grazing your skin as you give yourself over to the peaceful calm of the universe.

It’s too bad you live in the UK, where there’s absolutely none of that going on. Oh well, at least you can order another Pina Colada and pretend like you’re on an tropical island.

So what have you learned about yourself today?

If you’re not happy with the person you’ve become, pay us a visit and we’ll show you a cocktail that’s full of character that you can adopt as your new favourite.

It might not actually change the kind of person you are, but it’ll at least help you forget about it.