To share or not to share? That is the question.


We know what some of you will be thinking. My food is my food. If somebody else wants nachos, they can order them too.


In the medical community, that’s known as chronic sharing anxiety syndrome (CSAS), described as a long term condition affecting those with large appetites who encounter difficulty when sharing food, stemming from a fear that they won’t get their fair share.


Well, even though that’s a fake condition that we just made up, here is a list of points that will definitely cure you of CSAS and show you why sharing is awesome.


It’s very Mediterranean



When you think of a highly structured 3-course meal, you can’t help but picture a bunch of old British toffs in dinner suits stiffly ignoring the company they’re with in between courses of caviare and veal entrecôte.


Sharing food is soooo much more exciting. Look at the Spanish – they basically have a chilled-out fiesta around the dinner table every time they eat. No structure means that the whole evening is less predictable, and the conversation can just flow and flow and flow with no end in sight.


A flavour shared is a flavour doubled


You know when you order an awesome course to yourself, and you want to let everyone know exactly how good it is but can’t afford to let several bites go to charity?


Sharing your food means that you enjoy that experience together without having to make any noble food sacrifices.


Because there’s nothing like tasting something awesome and looking your friend intensely in the eyes as you both nod in certain agreement that ‘yes, this food is bloody delicious‘.


More flavours



Your conventional two course meal is a high pressure scenario. You get two dishes, so you’ve got to make sure you order the right ones.


When you share a number of different dishes, you’re massively upping the odds that you’re going to have a good time. And if you end up loving everything that’s on offer, well – you’ll probably end up having the best time of your life.


It’s a casual thing



It’s a Saturday night. You’re gearing up for a night of partying, but you’ve got to grab something to eat.


Sigh. Sitting down for a formal sit-down meal doesn’t exactly scream ‘PARTAY!’, right?


However, grabbing two order of large nachos and a mezze board sounds like the perfect solution. That’s the beauty of sharing food – it’s casual enough to be a big part of the party!


You can actually get more food



There are two ways of pulling this one off. Firstly, you can just be greedy and unfair by intentionally eating the most. This is not cool and you won’t have friends to share with if you try that move too much.


The second way? Go with friends who you know have a tiny appetite. Before you’ve even got started, they’ll be begging you to finish the rest to make sure it doesn’t go to waste, to which you’ll happily oblige. Win win.




Look, we’re not here to argue that you should only ever share food. We love a good three-course feast all to ourselves now and again.


We’re just saying, if you’re not a fan of the whole ‘sharing’ thing, we reckon it’s time you re-evaluate that by popping in and ordering some nachos, or even a mezze platter for you and your friends.


Especially since we offer them up for only £5 during our Happy Hour every weekday from 5 – 9pm Sunday to Friday.


Perfect with a round of 2-4-1 cocktails, we reckon.


What are you waiting for? Get sharing.