Bottomless Brunch; it’s iconic and you can’t deny it… but we’re here to tell you about something even more iconicthemed Bottomless Brunches of course.

If you’ve ever been to one of our themed brunches, you’ll understand the hype – but just in case you haven’t… we’re here to tell you why we love them so much (and why you should too).



Firstly, it’s everything you know and love about our usual Bottomless Brunch (or Brunch Club if you’re in Scotland), just with a little extra Revolution twist.

We’ve taken something perfect and made it even better. It’s bold but it’s true.



Our themes are ALWAYS changing.

We also bet you didn’t know that it’s our teams and sometimes even YOU that picks the theme.

We look out for the things you love and when you find something you’re obsessed with – we make it happen. From 00’s personas, to Rodeo Drive, and of course Barbie – there’s a themed brunch just waiting to become your new obsession.



Most people associate Bottomless Brunch with Bottomless Cocktails, but our menu is so much more than that.

You can enjoy some of our favourite cocktails like the Blank Canvas, Aperol Spritz and of course Bloody Mary BUT you can also treat yourself to draught pints like Amstel and Orchard Thieves.

Not drinking? Yeah, we’ve got that covered. Check out our Boozeless Option in the drinks section of our brunch page by clicking here.



Sometimes we take our themes further than our exceptional entertainment and damn good music choices. Sometimes we also bring you limited-edition cocktails that you can enjoy Bottomless.

At Halloween, we guarantee you a spooky addition to the menu and at Christmas, we always add a festive cocktail or two to your fairytale celebration.

They’re only available for a limited time and they always go down a treat.



Whilst brunch isn’t just about the food – it definitely helps that we do great food (no seriously, our dishes are decadent AND delicious).

From Fried Chicken and Bacon Waffles, to a Brunch Grill and even Pepperoni and Margherita pizzas – you’re guaranteed to have your fill.

You can see the full menu by clicking here.



The main reason we love a themed Bottomless Brunch is for the memories it makes.

Whether it’s a special occasion or you’re here with your besties, just because, we guarantee you an eclectic outing like no other.

It’s about the time spent with your loved ones. It’s quality time whilst we take care of you – because everything else above is just a damn good bonus.


Ready to book your next Themed Bottomless Brunch? Head over to our brunch page to discover the latest events by clicking here.