So you’ve tried our Spring It Back cocktail specials (you haven’t? omg. Okay, check them out here)and now what you really want to know now is which of our Revs Flavours matches your 00’s persona

Well we have the answer for that!

Check out the back of the menu when you’re next in bar or read below to find which of your eight favourite Revs Flavours is the one for you.


Peachy Cheeks aka the Queen B

Empathetic, warm-hearted, and supportive. You’re a social butterfly. Give you a date, time & place, and you’ll be there.


Fiery Chilli aka Rihanna

You’re carefree, spicy, and of course… not afraid of a challenge. Adding fire to every party.


Classic Pear Drop aka Avril Lavigne

You’re full of energy, practical and down-to-earth… with a strong views on what’s right and wrong. You definitely don’t like fake girlfriends.


Jelly Baby aka Xtina

If you’re deeply passionate and openly express your thoughts and emotions, this one is for you. You have a strong moral compass and always know what everyone needs.


Giant Strawb aka S Club 7

You’re the absolute life and soul of the party, first on the dance floor and always ready for round two… See what we did there.


Very Cherry aka Girls Aloud

Calling the sassy glamorous ones. You can’t speak French but you can keep a promise and you’re the first to call the shots.


Sour Blast aka Busted

You’re the heartthrob that keeps them coming back for more. You love frosted tips, back to the future and hate when people say no.


Mr. Whippy aka Dizzee Rascal

You are the bonkers day dreamer of the group. Happy go lucky living life free. There’s nothing crazy about you.



You have until 3rd July 2023 to try the Spring It Back cocktails in your nearest Revolution bar…

Luckily for you, Revs Flavour is available all year round but that doesn’t mean you should wait any longer to order yours.


Head to your nearest Revs and remember to tag us in your picks #ThrowBackToThe00s