At Revs we like to look after our guests – and by look after we don’t just mean amazing service and top-notch cocktails. Our favourite thing to do is save some hard-earned coins by giving you amazing offers and experiences that actually make a difference. This brings us to the whole point of this blog post – our midweek saviour. An offer so good it is bound to get your mouth watering and fast become a weekly tradition. That’s right EVERY Wednesday you can get yourself a burger and cocktail for just £10 at your nearest Revolution.

That’s correct. £10.

Now as for the mouth-watering burgers on offer, they are truly guaranteed to satisfy…


The burgers: 

Classic Beef Burger  

A classic that always satisfies. Sometimes we need to go back to basics and enjoy a regular classic burger. One thing that isn’t basic? The taste. You’ll have to order it to see if we’re right. 

Fried Chicken Burger 

We mean, who doesn’t LOVE fried chicken? Especially on a toasted bun and with some delicious Rev’s relish. Is your mouth watering yet? 

Grilled Cajun Chicken Burger 

Tasty with a little bit of spice, we can’t resist a good grilled Cajun chicken burger. Teamed with lettuce, pickles and rev’s relish, one word – YUM. You can also get this as a gluten-free option, you’re welcome. 

Classic Symplicity Burger 

Our guilt-free burger. This classic symplicity burger is vegan (and veggie obvs). Bursting with flavour, this one definitely passes the taste test.  

Fried THIS Isn’t Chicken Burger 

Our tasty and satisfying THIS Isn’t Chicken burger offers a vegan alternative to our fried chicken burger. We can’t resist. 


Not only are all of our burgers DELICIOUS, but they also come with a side of fries. Yes, we’re good to you, we know. Choose from any R-Heart cocktail, draft beer, house wine or soft drink to accompany your tasty burger. We know – we still can’t believe it’s only £10! 


Now all that’s left to do is for you to get yourself to Revs and ENJOY. No need to thank us… See you soon! 

Please note that this offer isn’t available at Revolution Glasgow Renfield Street or Revolution Sheffield. The offer is available at Revolution Leadenhall for £15.