Revs Royalty?

Want to be crowned the

Tell us why you should be Revs Royalty.

Let us know your three royal decrees, and we'll pick our new Royal Highness to be crowned during the King's coronation weekend.

Celebrate the Bank Holiday weekend in true Revs *royalty* style.


Revs Royalty

Tell us what you would do as

We're looking for someone who loves Revs just as much as we do.

Someone who spends all of their time in Revs sipping on cocktails and flavour. Someone who LOVES a good time.

If you think this is you, then all you have to do is fill out the form below and tell us your three Royal Decrees, if you were crowned King or Queen of Revs.

We will pick a winner based on these decrees (so get creative). The winner of this new, very important job's salary will be paid as follows:

- A royal bar tab of £1500 to be spent in venue throughout the next year.
- Rename their favourite bottle of Revs flavour and get a year's supply of this.
- Crowned on Coronation weekend, and rewarded a VIP booth to help celebrate.
- They will be Revs Royalty for a whole year.
- Become the face of our Revs pounds, which can be spent on cocktails for the whole year.

Go on then, enter below.


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