The worlds a little upside down, now more than ever we have to take the time to take care of our mental wellbeing. First, mental wellbeing and mental health mean something different to each and every one of us, what’s important is to know what support is available and learning what works for you to take care of yourself and know how to support those around you.   

Managing your workload, meeting new people and leaving home are some of the many challenges you face when It comes time to fly the nest, there’s no denying it’s pretty tough out there. But even though things might seem overwhelming, don’t worry we’ve got you! We’ve put together some top tips on how to ease you into this new and exciting adventure. 


1 – Make time to do what you love   

Whether you’ve taken up baking banana bread, you can’t get enough of documentaries about serial killers or you create the ultimate Pinterest boards of your future dream home make time for what you love. No matter what is it, whether it’s something you do alone or with pals, get doing what brings you joy as often as you can.  

 2- Give yourself a break   

There is no shame in saying no or cancelling plans when you need a break. We deal with a lot of noise, now more than ever from social media, the news and people around us. Too often, we’ll go to that party or head out for food out of FOMO or not wanting to be rude. No more! Get those PJs on, binge that box set, it’s okay to clock out once in a while.  


3 – See what support is available   

Whether you’ve experienced challenges with mental health or not, it’s always good to know what support is out there. Your university will have a Student Wellbeing Service who can offer guidance as to what is available, be sure to register with a GP in the city/town that you’re studying so you can speak to them about any issues you have. There are many charities who offer support in a variety of ways, over the phone, on live chat or even via text, whatever works for you.  

Here are some charities that are completely free to talk too: 

4 – Physical activity   

University is an excellent time to get stuck into something new, see what clubs and societies are out there that you can join. Ultimate Frisbee maybe? How about Quidditch? (No, there’s seriously a Quidditch league) There’s often a sport for everyone, and if group activity isn’t your thing, running is a great option or you can slow things down with some yoga from the comfort of your own room.  


5 – Podcasts and sleeping routine   

Late nights in the library are going to happen, staying out for “one more” is going to happen, let’s not lie to ourselves. What’s important is that when you can, get the sleep you need. Swap screen time for a podcast, get comfy and get the 8 hours.   


 6 – Get out there    

Exploring a new town or city is full of excitement even in these crazy times. Find some outdoor spaces for you to wander, read or just have a coffee. Quite often our halls or shared house isn’t quite as big as we like, what better way to get the space you need by exploring the great outdoors. To go a little further afield, get a rail pass and see what walks there are to explore here.  (just don’t forget your masks!)