Weekends in summer are perfect for three things: day drinking, day drinking, and day drinking.

But let’s face it, even we think there’s a time and a place to start your sesh.

The time is approximately 17 minutes after you get the first glimmer of sunshine. And the place? Well, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

We’ve been to the best UK cities, found the quirkiest outdoor drinking dens, and even got the beer-covered shirt to prove it. So without further ado, here’s our ultimate guide to suppin’ in the sun this summer.


The city that gave the world Banksy and Wallace and Gromit deserves a visit all-year round in our books, but especially when it’s bathed in glorious rays.

Make your way to St Nicholas Street (which just happens to be the site of our Revolution Bristol bar), a strip of paradise for beer garden enthusiasts, and top up your tan at one of Bristol’s many sun traps.

With scenic roof terraces, spot-on street art at every corner, and more chill vibes than a beach bar in Barbados, this is a city everyone has secretly dreamed about.


It may be the rainy Northern city to end all rainy Northern cities, but you better believe that Manchester is fully prepared for the sun’s fleeting appearances.

Take our trendy Deansgate Locks bar… An urban outdoor drinking den, complete with cosmopolitan city views AND a south-facing terrace, meaning it stays in the sun longer than David Dickinson’s bikini line.

It even overlooks the canal, so prepare your very best Rosie and Jim jokes to shout at the passing narrow boats.


Thanks to the recent regeneration of Cardiff Bay, this infectiously down-to-earth city now has more lush outdoor boozing spots than you’ll know what to do with. So, it’s only natural that you go and sample them ALL. Immediately.

You know, strictly for research purposes.

And in case you needed any more proof that good things come in small packages, you can get around Cardiff city centre in under ten minutes (including to our beautiful Cardiff bar), so you needn’t miss a second of prime beer-in-hand sun-worshipping time.


Looking to make your day drinking last ‘til the early hours of the morning? Well, if you can hack it, Leeds is the place to be.

Loads of bars along Call Lane like our very own Revolution are open ‘til 4am, and with rustic settings, the friendliest folk around, and a guarantee of a reet good time, it’s the perfect city for boozin’.

Love those deep, philosophical kebab shop conversations about whether pineapple on a pizza has a place in this world? This is the destination for you.

Btw, it definitely does not.


We’re just gonna come straight out and say it, Brighton is completely #blessed.

BBQs on the beach, round-the-clock party vibes, and sunsets the actual definition of Instagrammable.

The Revolution in Brighton even boasts the largest outside drinking area in the city (not counting the beach, obvs), so if you bag a seat there on a scorching day, don’t shift ‘til the leaves start changing colour.


Once you’ve captioned your selfie in front of Buckingham Palace with something witty about meeting the Queen, it’s time to put on a jaunty hat and head down to one of London’s best outdoor bars.

And not to toot our own horn or anything, but our Revolution Richmond bar has the teasingly tropical cocktails you LOVE, all your favourite beers AND a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of the Thames.

Do we really need to say more?


Once you’ve reminded yourself that the locals pronounce it ‘Baaaarth’ and not ‘Baff’, there really aren’t many better places for a weekend getaway after a long hard stint at work.

Not only is it literally a UNESCO heritage site, but thanks to Bath’s bevy of glorious beer gardens and riverside terraces, you can forget just how annoying Jeff from Accounting really is.

So get yourself down to Revolution Bath, in the heart of one of the most picturesque cities in the world and say goodbye to those great, intricately detailed daydreams of death-by-paperclip and other such inter-office violence.

At least until Monday, eh?


If you love the kind of place where you walk in not knowing a single soul and then leave with a new best mate, a job offer, and a free holiday to Santorini… You need to dust off your shorts for a weekend in Liverpool.

Better yet, head on over to our idyllic Albert Dock bar, and bask in the beauty of the Liverpool skyline on our waterside terrace.

Rumour even has it that Ringo Starr has a house nearby, so you can wave to him while you sink another pint!


If Edinburgh was a person, it would be that one mate who says ‘let’s go for a quick one’ when you know full well there’s no chance there’ll just be the one.

This lush city is chock-full of watering holes with castle views and those home-away-from-home vibes.

And take it from us, once you’ve got a buzz at Revolution Edinburgh, you CANNOT miss heading over to the now world-famous Three Sisters beer garden, soaking in the sun, and doing your best impression of a lazy legless cat for about 6 hours.


Urban legend suggests there are enough beer gardens in York for every single day of the year, and we don’t know about you, but that sounds like a challenge.

But if you’re after a more chilled out affair, we recommend commandeering a seat, a pint of something crisp, and people-watching the day away behind some strategic sunnies at Revolution York.

‘Cause with all these bustling year-round sun-traps that buzz with atmosphere, you’ll feel less like you’re in a historic walled city – and more like you’re hanging at a bathed-in-sun tapas bar in Barcelona.


So, where you thinking of heading first?

Whichever city you choose to explore for a hit of those summer vibes, make sure you start at Revolution.

Thanks to our teasingly tropical blends, food that’s big on flavour, and some of the best outdoor drinking dens this side of the Caribbean, you simply NEED to book a table right here this summer.