Blue Movie Cocktail

So, here’s how you make a Blue Movie.


Firstly, get your hands on a camera. Then, you’ve got to find some willing performers – perhaps call up that mate who still owes you a tenner?


Then, you need to decide on a theme. A classic but effective option is the ‘ lucky delivery guy’ story. Or, be a bit more inventive and try a raunchy take on a movie – for example, how about Avengers: Age of Humptron? (Hey – we never said the pun had to be clever)



Just kidding, obviously. We’re here you to show you how to make our Blue Movie cocktail, which in fairness, is nearly as naughty as the real thing.


And if you’re worried that people will judge you when you tell them you’re making a Blue Movie, tell them that we made this in honour of Andy Warhol, who absolutely loved Absolut vodka. That’ll shut ’em up.


Enjoy, stud.




9oz glass.




37.5ml Absolut Berri Açai


12.5ml Blue Curaçao


12.5ml lemon juice


25ml apple juice


A can of lemonade (for topping up)




5 x blueberries




Firstly, fill up a boston glass with cubed ice. Then, add all of the fruit juices, followed by the Absolut Berri Açai and Blue Curaçao. Shake it all together vigorously. Strain into a 9oz glass filled with crushed ice. Top it all up with lemonade. Garnish with a stripey straw and drop in five blueberries. Enjoy!   


Now that’s how you make a Blue Movie. It’s a lot easier to make than the other kind, and you’ll certainly draw fewer dirty looks.


If you want to know more about making great cocktails, you may as well learn from the pros. Book into one of our cocktail making classes – we’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeves that are so good we simply can’t give away for free.


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