You know us. When it comes to mixing up new drinks, we’re not afraid to break the rules.

We’re a little bit edgy like that.

That’s why we’ve totally re-invented the simple Moscow Mule with a blueberry twist. Why? Because we’ve not given a damn about the rules for over 20 years.

Seeing as though summer is all about freedom and feeling good, we suggest you tear up the rule book too by mixing yourself up one of these bad boys. Everybody, meet the Blue Mule.


Crystal Glass


50ml Stoli Blueberi

1 dash Angostura Bitters

25ml apple juice

12.5ml lime juice

50ml Old Jamaica Ginger Beer


3 blueberries

1 mint sprig


Grab your crystal glass and boston glass, then fill them both up with cubed ice. Add all ingredients except ginger beer to the boston glass. Shake it well, then strain it into the crystal glass. Then, top it all up with the ginger beer. Garnish with the blueberries and mint, and enjoy.

There you go. That should set you up for a rebellious, born-to-run, James-Dean, rebel-without-a-cause, feel-good summer.

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