According to recent surveys, the bourbon biscuit is Britain’s 6th favourite biccy but after trying this cocktail concoction, we’re confident it’ll shoot to number one.

Depending on your age (and enjoyment of alcohol), the word bourbon has 2 very different meanings but we’ve got good news for you – with the bourbon bad boy cocktail at Revolution, we’ve got both types of bourbons in one glass!

It’s creamy, it’s chocolatey, it’s coffee-ey (??), the Bourbon Bad Boy is so bad, it’s good and now you can mix one up for yourself at home:


Old Fashioned Glass
Boston Tin
Bulleit Bourbon Hip Flask (which you can borrow/steal from any Revolution bar)

Bourbon Bad Boy Cocktail Ingredients

50ml Half and Half
37.5ml Bulleit Bourbon
12.5ml Frangelico
12.5ml Gomme Syrup
12.5ml Coffee
6ml Chocolate Liqueur
Garnish with Bourbon Biscuits


How to make a Bourbon Bad Boy Cocktail

  1. First of all, take 12.5ml of your Bulleit Bourbon and throw it in that hip flask you’ve borrowed (stolen) from us.
  2. Next, it’s time to make a brew. Seriously. Go and boil the kettle, make a pot of your fave coffee and then leave it to cool down properly.
  3. Once your coffee is cooled, pour 12.5ml into your hip flask and then leave this mix to one side.
  4. It’s now time to fill your Boston tin with cubed ice and load it up with the rest of your ingredients including the rest of your Bulleit bourbon, your half and half, Frangelico, gomme syrup and chocolate liqueur.
  5. Now give it a pretty vigorous shake before straining into your glass of your choice and topping with crushed ice.
  6. Add in your boozey coffee mix from the hip flask and then get dunking with your bourbon biscuits!

There you go. We’ve basically just given you the recipe for a real good time, so just make sure you’ve got enough bourbon biscuits to go around.

And if you love the taste of this and want to take your snazzy mixology knowledge to the next level, book to be a part of our next Cocktail Masterclass, where we’ll show you all the tricks of the trade.

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