Looking like a melted ice cream. Tastes like the best banana split you’ve ever had. It’s our Dulce Banana cocktail!

This may look like a funky dessert you could serve a child but with the big hit of booze inside our Dulce Banana cocktail, this is strictly for those aged 18+!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth as well as a soft spot for a cheeky cocktail then this is definitely the one for you, so if you fancy whipping up our very own Dulce Banana recipe at home, here’s how:


Boston tin

Dulce Banana Ingredients

50ml Stoli

25ml creme de banane

12.5ml Frangelico hazelnut liqueur

100ml Half & half

25ml dulce de leche caramel sauce


Squirty cream

100s & 1000s

One ice cream cone

A stripy straw

How to Make a Ducle Banana Cocktail

  1. Grab your boston tin and add all of the ingredients to the boston tin before filling it up with cubed ice.
  2. Give it a good, hard shake until perfectly blended
  3. Open up your Boston tin and add more cubed ice until there’s enough for the garnish to sit comfortably on top of.
  4. Add the squirty cream and 100s & 1000s, followed by an upside-down ice cream cone and a stripy straw.

Believe us – this cocktail is going to absolutely make your summer.

Although, we’d recommend you pay us a visit and we’ll mix it up for you with a helping of serious expertise.

Plus, you can try out the rest of the Lost Summer range for a proper head-start on summer.

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