What happens when you take Stoli premium vodka, a few generous lashings of feel-good summertime vibes, and blend it together with our absolute cocktail making mastery?

A brand new cocktail range that’s perfect for kickstarting a summer you can get totally lost in.

To introduce it in style, here’s the recipe to our indulgently refreshing Dulce & Banana cocktail – the perfect drink to commence an absolutely glamorous summer.


Boston tin


50ml Stoli

25ml creme de banane

12.5ml Frangelico hazelnut liqueur

100ml Half & half

25ml dulce de leche caramel sauce


Squirty cream

100s & 1000s

One ice cream cone

A stripy straw


Grab your boston tin. Add all of the ingredients to the boston tin. Fill it up with cubed ice. Give it a good, hard shake. Add more cubed ice until there’s enough for the garnish to sit comfortably on top of. Add the squirty cream and 100s & 1000s, followed by an upside-down ice cream cone and a stripy straw.

Believe us – this cocktail is going to absolutely make your summer.

Although, we’d recommend you pay us a visit and we’ll mix it up for you with a helping of serious expertise.

Plus, you can try out the rest of the Lost Summer range for a proper head-start on summer.

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