How do you make our cocktails even better?

Easy, have them hand-delivered by Tom Hardy. Duh.

Unfortunately, our good friend and future cocktail-delivery-boy must be like ALWAYS busy right now, ‘cause he’s just never home anymore. (Tom, if you’re reading this, we’re sorry about that picture we sent. We misread the signals. Pls unblock us on Twitter. Miss you babes.)

So, until Tom gets back to us, we’ve decided to improve our cocktails by following the simplest rule in the book: bigger IS better.

Starting with our green-fingered Garden of Eden, we’re giving you yet another excuse to party – with a taste of paradise that’s perfect for sharing.

And because it seems like Tom won’t be personally delivering this mix anytime soon, here’s how to make it for yourself at home. *sobs*


Old Fashioned glass
Steal a watering can from your parents or anyone over the age of 50. (Clean it too!)


100ml Beefeater gin
25ml Peach schnapps
25ml Apricot liqueur
25ml Green apple liqueur
25ml Lemon juice
150ml Fever-Tree Elderflower tonic water


1 Grapefruit slice
3 Mint sprigs


Grab your Boston tin and fill it with plenty of cubed ice. Then collect the Beefeater gin, peach schnapps, lemon juice, and types of liqueur, and add them into your Boston tin.

Now, give this a shake until it starts to feel mildly sexual. Yep, once it’s completely awkward, add the contents of your Boston tin into a watering can. We’re totally kidding about stealing one (kinda) but you can buy cutesy ones from the gardening centre – just go with your mum next time she asks. 

Finally, top your mix with the can of Fever-Tree Elderflower, then add a slice of grapefruit and your mint sprigs to bring out the flavour!


There you have it!

Now we’ll be honest, waiting for the mix to pour from the watering can is going to take AGES, so in the meantime, we suggest checking out the Festival Special we’ve got planned this Friday.

Kickin’ off with Happy Hour at 5pm, start the party with our Garden of Eden. And if you book a table? We’ll give you and your mates a FREE mini Cocktail Masterclass, so you can practice those mixology skills with the pros!

Go on, be a part of the best festival this summer!

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