Sippin’ cocktails in the garden is one of life’s greatest joys, so we’ve combined the two to create the Garden of Eden cocktail.

Before you start questioning whether this cocktail is going to taste like grass, no it doesn’t. It’s a fresh and fruity combo of peach, apricot and elderflower which honestly, it just heavenly.

If you want to drink a Garden of Eden in your own back garden, here’s how to shake one up for yourself:


Boston Tin
Old Fashioned Glass

Steal a watering can from your parents or anyone over the age of 50. (Clean it too!)

Garden of Eden Cocktail Ingredients

100ml Beefeater Gin
25ml Peach Schnapps
25ml Apricot Liqueur
25ml Green Apple Liqueur
25ml Lemon Juice
150ml Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water
Garnish with Grapefruit and Mint Sprigs

How to Make a Garden of Eden Cocktail

  1. Grab the trusty Boston tin and throw in some cubed ice as well as your gin, peach schnapps, lemon juice and all dat liqueur.
  2. Get shaking until that cocktail is suitably mixed and you’re suitably lightheaded from all the shaking.
  3. Pour your mixture into your cute little watering can and add your grapefruit and mint garnish.
  4. Now, you can pour this cocktail straight from the watering can to your mouth (we’ve seen weirder things) but for ease and your own dignity, we recommend adding some crushed ice to a glass and pouring it from the can, to the glass.

Now we’ll be honest, waiting for the mix to pour from the watering can is going to take AGES, so in the meantime, we suggest checking out the Festival Special we’ve got planned this Friday.

Kickin’ off with Happy Hour at 5pm, start the party with our Garden of Eden. And if you book a table? We’ll give you and your mates a FREE mini Cocktail Masterclass, so you can practice those mixology skills with the pros!

Go on, be a part of the best festival this summer!