Without a doubt, Christmas is a time of pure, shameless indulgence. The way we stuff ourselves with an outrageous amount of food is almost disgusting, but the truth is , that’s exactly why it’s so beautiful.

But as beautiful as it is, sometimes it’s hard to stomach the indulgence. Especially when you’ve finished a massive bowl of Christmas pudding and your casually alcoholic auntie cracks out the Baileys.

An internal struggle ensues – you want to get drunk, but Bailey’s is just a bit too much right now.

Don’t worry – as usual, we’ve got your back. Try our fruity Grynch cocktail – it’s the refreshing alternative way to get your merry on. It may be as green as the Grinch, but it definitely won’t get you grumpy.



Hurricane glass



37.5ml Absolut Beri Acai

12.5ml Midori

12.5ml Blue Curaçao

25ml Coco Real

12.5ml lime juice

50ml apple juice


2 x cherries & a mint sprig



First things first, add all of your ingredients apart from ice into the blender. Next, fill up the hurricane glass with ice and empty it into the blender, with the rest of the ingredients. Now switch on your blender and pulse until it goes smooth. Pour the blend into your hurricane glass and you’re good to go! Just make sure you garnish it with a mint sprig and two cherries for those extra Christmas feels.


Now you can take a break from the shameful indulgence and STILL get tipsy in Christmas party style – aren’t we just awesome to you guys sometimes? Enjoy.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a cocktail master? Well, unless you’ve been to one of our cocktail masterclasses, you can think again. We’re the undisputed maestros of mixology, and we’ve got the secrets to make you a master.

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