Christmas is all about making memories (and then drinking enough to forget them) but with this photogenic cocktail, you’ll never forget this moment!

Our North Polaroid cocktail is all about providing a taste you’ll never forget… literally… like there’s a picture on the side of the glass for you to keep forever!

Grab memories for yourself at home with this winter warming cocktail recipe for our very own North Polaroid –

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North Polaroid Cocktail Ingredients:

37.5ml Stoli vodka

12.5ml Amaretto

12.5ml cherry syrup

25ml strawberry puree

50ml pineapple juice

2 x lemon slices

Garnish with edible glitter and a polaroid picture

How to Make a North Polaroid Cocktail

  1. Put your coupette glass in the freezer to get it nice and chilled
  2. Grab a Boston glass and fill it up with ice to the halfway line. Add all your ingredients, even the juice from your two lemon slices
  3. It’s time to shake your Boston glass like a polaroid picture (haha, get it?)
  4. Once shaken, not stirred, strain the content into your chilled glass and give it a healthy helping of edible gold glitter on top
  5. It’s time to grab your Instant Polaroid Camera, strike a pose, wait for the picture to develop and then use your teeny tiny peg to attach it to the side of the glass!

Of course, unless you’re lucky enough to own a Polaroid Snap camera, you’ll have to do without the photographic garnish.

Grab a snap of this drink, pop it on the ‘gram and then sit back and enjoy your festive tipple!

OR, better yet, pay us a visit at let us mix up the whole package for you.

You’ll get a gorgeous cocktail and a private photoshoot all in one. Because you SHOULD feel glamorous at Christmas time.

Fancy trying your hand at becoming a cocktail maestro? Book into a Cocktail Masterclass with us and we’ll show you a couple of tricks.

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