Now here’s a Christmas cocktail that just wouldn’t be the same without you.


Not only does it taste all kinds of festive, it also comes with a polaroid of your pouting mug clipped to the edge.

So, get those duck lips at the ready as we prepare to lights, camera, action our way to the perfect Christmas cocktail.

Christmas Cocktail Images 7




37.5ml Stoli vodka

12.5ml Amaretto

12.5ml cherry syrup

25ml strawberry puree

50ml pineapple juice

2 x lemon slices


Edible golden glitter

Polaroid picture (optional, obviously)


Firstly, put your coupette in the freezer until its ice cold. Then grab a boston glass and fill it up to halfway with ice. Add all of your ingredients into the boston glass with the ice, making sure to squeeze both lemon slices into the mix. Shake it all up for 5-10 seconds. Now, strain it all through into your chilled coupette. Sprinkle the surface of your cocktail with edible glitter.

Now, the most important part: grab your Polaroid Snap camera and take the best damn selfie you’ve ever taken. Once it’s printed off, pin it to the side of your glass with one of those tiny cocktail pegs.

There you have it.


Of course, unless you’re lucky enough to own a Polaroid Snap camera, you’ll have to do without the photographic garnish.

OR, better yet, pay us a visit at let us mix up the whole package for you.

You’ll get a gorgeous cocktail and a private photoshoot all in one. Because you SHOULD feel glamorous at Christmas time.

Fancy trying your hand at becoming a cocktail maestro? Book into a Cocktail Masterclass with us and we’ll show you a couple of tricks.

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