The duck walked up to the Revolution Bar and he said to the man, running the bar, bom bom bom… can I have a Quacktail?

We’ll be honest there isn’t actually a reason we decided to top this fresh and fruity cocktail with a rubber duck apart from the fact we thought it would be cute and would you look at that… we were right!

Now, you might have thought it was subtle when you slipped that rubber duck from one of our bars into your bag but we noticed. We’re not mad, we just want it putting to good use, so we think it’s only right we share the Revolution Quacktail recipe with you, so you can whip one up at home!



Mason Jar
Boston Tin

Quacktail Ingredients

50ml Cîroc Pink Grapefruit Vodka
75ml Pineapple Juice
25ml Passion Fruit Syrup
12.5ml Coco Reàl
12.5ml Lime Juice
Edible Flower for Garnish
The rubber duck you borrowed *cough* stole *cough* from us

How to make a Quacktail

  1. Fill that Boston tin up with cubed ice and pour all your ingredients in, apart from your garnishes.
  2. Now shake, shake, shake ya body line and give that cocktail a vigorous mix.
  3. Swill some cubed ice around your glass before chucking it out and straining your cocktail in.
  4. Top with crushed ice, an edible flower and of course, your contraband duck and get sippin’.

Whether you’re on the hunt to nick another duck or you just CBA with the washing up at home and want us to do the hard work for you, feel free to head to your local Revolution Bar and let us show you how a Quacktail is really done!

If you want to learn more secrets from the vodka pros, check out one of our Cocktail Masterclasses. Maybe you can even bring him back for a visit when you come along?

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