Summer is on the way, and that can only mean one thing…’s about to become acceptable to drink alcohol during the day!

That’s why you’ve got to be prepared with a cocktail recipe that’s absolutely made for drinking in the sunshine.

Here’s our awesome take on the sangria.

(We’ve called it a Sunset Sangria, but we’d encourage you to drink it at ANY time of the day).

Make your own Sangria Sunset with our special recipe:


500ml carafe

Sangria Sunset Ingredients

75ml Absolut Raspberri
12.5ml lemon juice
125ml cranberry juice
25ml elderflower cordial
250ml Pinot Grigio


3 lemon slices
5 blueberries
2 strawberries

Sangria Sunset Cocktail Recipe:

  1. Grab your carafe and fill it up with ice.
  2. Then, add all the ingredients apart from the prosecco.
  3. Add the fruit, and then add the prosecco.
  4. Give it a good stir and add more ice.
  5. Serve it up with two large wine glasses and enjoy.

Perfect for sharing with friends and family, you can watch the sun set in the sky and in your glass all night long!

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