Tequila might be best known for being served with salt and lime but we much prefer it in a Strawberry Paloma

Tequila cocktails often strike fear through people, bringing back flashbacks of dodgy shot-taking encounters but when shaken with strawberry and lime in this Strawberry Paloma recipe, it’s simply irresistible.

Wanna whip a Strawberry Paloma cocktail up yourself? Here’s how:

Strawberry Paloma Ingredients

50ml Olmeca tequila

3 fresh strawberries

12.5ml lime juice

Top with Ting (carbonated grapefruit juice)

Garnish with a grapefruit wedge

How to Make a Strawberry Paloma

  1. Muddle your strawberries in a cocktail shaker, then add in the lime juice.
  2. Next pour in your Olmeca, stick the lid on and give it a really good shake.
  3. Now strain the mixture into a glass filled with cubed ice, and top up with Ting.
  4. Chuck in a grapefruit wedge and you’re done.

As easy as Sunday morning. But probably don’t drink it on a Sunday morning.

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