Ah, springtime. Flowers in bloom, birdsong, long shadows cast across grassy fields. Whatever. Spring for us is about lazy days sat outside with friends and great cocktails (obviously). Speaking of which, let us introduce the Strawberry Paloma. Pulling together tequila, grapefruit and strawberries this twist on a Mexican classic is a refreshing mix of tropical flavours and English refinement.

Want to try the Strawberry Paloma at home?  Here’s our cocktail recipe:

The ingredients

50ml Olmeca tequila

3 fresh strawberries

12.5ml lime juice

Top with Ting (carbonated grapefruit juice)

Garnish with grapefruit wedge

The method

Muddle your strawberries in a cocktail shaker, then add in the lime juice. Next pour in your Olmeca, stick the lid on and give it a really good shake. Now strain the mixture into a glass filled with cubed ice, and top up with Ting. Chuck in a grapefruit wedge and you’re done.

As easy as Sunday morning. But probably don’t drink it on a Sunday morning.

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