It ain’t going to be your milkshake bringing all the boys to the yard when they spot your Unicorn Frappé!

Whether you believe in magic or not, a frappé inspired by the world’s most cool looking mythical creature is always going to be appealing so don’t worry, there’s no shame in being THIS excited to make a cocktail!

It’s creamy, it’s fruity, it looks like a god-damn unicorn, it’s an all-around winner really, so the wait is over, make your very own unicorn frappé cocktail now!


Frappé Cup

Unicorn Frappé Ingredients

25ml Ketel One Vodka
25ml Raspberry Handcrafted Flavour (or raspberry liqueur)
25ml Melted Ice Cream Handcrafted Flavour (a dollop of ice cream will also do the trick)
50ml Half and Half
25ml Strawberry Purée
2 teaspoons of Blueberry Jam
Garnish with Squirty Cream, Bubblegum Sauce and Raspberry Sherbet

How to make a Unicorn Frappé Cocktail

  1. Find blender. Remove lid from blender. Put all ingredients, aside from your garnish into blender.
  2. Swill a little crushed ice around your cup before throwing that into the blender too (just the ice please, not the cup)
  3. Put the lid on (do not forget to do this) and give it a blendy-blend for about 20 seconds.
  4. Once blended, pour into your cup and get creative with the garnishes.
  5. We’re thinking a squirty cream unicorn horn, some magic raspberry dust and bubblegum sauce cause… well, we just like the taste of that!

Once you’ve instagrammed the shizzle out of that frappé, it’s time to tuck in!

We’re not doubting your cocktail making skills here but we are the experts, so if you want the full unicorn frappe experience, why not pop into your local bar, kick your feet up and let us do the hard work for you!

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