Our Absolut Soup cocktail is as daring, bold and exciting as Mr Warhol himself. Here’s the recipe so you can get in on the action:


The ingredients


50ml Absolut vodka
12.5ml Teichenne Coconut schnapps
75ml apple juice
Juice from two squeezed grapefruit wedges
Two pineapple leaves to garnish


The method


First, fill a glass (or, ideally, a cool Warhol-esque soup tin) with cubed ice. Add in your Absolut, schnapps and apple juice, then top up with crushed ice. Pour in the juice from the grapefruit wedges and chuck the rinds in too. Finally give the whole thing a stir and garnish with the pineapple leaves.


And there you have it. Fine art in a tin cup.


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