Here’s how to make a Pornstar Martini at home

They look good, they taste good, they’re always going to get you plenty of likes on the ‘gram, yep, we’re talking about the one and only, pornstar martini!

The pornstar martini cocktail has seen a rise in popularity over recent years, becoming one of the most loved (and most photographed) cocktails of all times!

You know the drill, you’ve got your classic cocktail glass filled with passion fruity, vanilla-ey, vodka-ey goodness and that cheeky little shot of prosecco on the side but have you ever managed to shake up the perfect one at home?

Want to be the bartender that everyone looks up to at the house parties? Here’s how to make a pornstar martini cocktail like a pro!


Pornstar Martini Ingredients

25ml SKYY Passion Fruit Vodka
25ml Absolut Vanilia
50ml Passion Fruit Purée
50ml Orange Juice
2 Spoons Caster Sugar
1⁄2 A Passion Fruit to Garnish
25ml Prosecco


Pornstar Martini Recipe


  1. First, fill a Martini glass with crushed ice to chill and place to one side.
  2. Next, put the caster sugar into a Boston glass and add in the passion fruit puree and orange juice.
  3. Pour in the SKYY and Absolut, and then stir.
  4. Fill the Boston glass with cubed ice then place the tin on and shake.
  5. Empty your Martini glass and strain in the drink, then garnish with the passion fruit.


Serve with a shot glass of prosecco on the side. We prefer Freixenet, because of its superior taste and – quite frankly – stunning cut-glass bottle. It’s a real showstopper!

Now, here’s the age-old question…

How to Drink a Pornstar Martini?

It’s a question our Revolution bartenders get asked pretty much every time they serve up one of these sexy looking cocktails and that’s ‘how do you drink a pornstar martini?’.

We’re not talking about logistically how you drink a drink but what do you do with that tempting looking shot of prosecco on the side? Well, the truth is, that’s up to you. Sip it, shot it, mix it in if you really want, just don’t forget about it!

How to make a Pornstar Martini

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