Its roots are much contested, its reputation mixed and its formula often misinterpreted. But one thing should never be disputed – the Long Island Iced Tea is one serious drink.

Our recipe keeps it neat, tidy and surprisingly delicate. Even so, this isn’t a cocktail for the feint-hearted, and it should be treated with respect.

Want to know how to make a Long Island Iced Tea?  Here’s the cocktail recipe so you can make it at home:

The ingredients

12.5ml Stoli vodka

12.5ml Cointreau

12.5ml Beefeater gin

12.5ml Bacardi rum

12.5ml Olmeca tequila

12.5ml Lemon purée

Coca Cola to top

Garnish with lemon slice

The method

First fill a Boston glass with cubed ice and add the lemon purée. Then pour in all the alcoholic ingredients and give everything a really good shake (ideally for around ten seconds). Then pour the mixture over ice into a decent sized glass and top with Coca Cola.

Garnish with the lemon slice and, BANG, you’re done.

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