Christmas is a time for joy, peace and… well, presents – but not according to Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge. We decided it’s high time this bitter spirit got some fruity freshness in his life, so ladies and gentlemen we present to you… The Scrooge Driver.

A Christmassy twist on the classic vodka ’n’ orange combo, we serve ours with cinnamon and a candy cane-esque straw to sweeten you up. This one’s a warming winter blast of sugar, spice and all things nice, guaranteed to get even the grumpiest old gits in the mood.  






37.5ml Stolichnaya vodka

75ml orange juice

12.5ml amaretto

12.5ml lime

25ml cinnamon syrup



Cinnamon stick

Orange wheel

Stripy straw



Grab yourself a 15oz glass and fill it halfway with cubed ice. Add the Stolichnaya vodka, amaretto, followed by the orange. Stir, add the dash of lime, drizzle with cinnamon syrup and top with more ice. Pop in a zesty orange wheel and a cinnamon stick to spice it up, and drink through a stripy straw.

Bah, humbug who?


You can now spread Christmas cheer, with Scrooge Drivers for everyone!

Or if these zesty, festive, fruity flavours ain’t yo’ thang (are you crazy?!) then come on down for a Cocktail Masterclass. We’ll teach you all you need to know to about fixing a drink or two, so much so you’ll never pre-drink on mixer and Coke again.


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