If Scrooge drank booze then he would probably no longer be a Scrooge

Tis’ the season to be merry and by merry, we mean tipsy and to help with that, we’ve taken your classic vodka and orange combo and made it feel all festive.

Introducing the Scrooge Driver cocktail, we’ve ramped up the heat with this warming and a lil spicy cocktail to keep you feeling all hot and fuzzy inside this Christmas!



Scrooge Driver Ingredients

37.5ml Stolichnaya vodka

75ml orange juice

12.5ml amaretto

12.5ml lime

25ml cinnamon syrup

Garnish with an orange wheel and a cinnamon stick

Scrooge Drive Cocktail Recipe

  1. The ultimate lazy cocktail – grab your glass, chuck some cubed ice up to around halfway and then throw in the vodka, amaretto and orange
  2. Give it a little stir (ignore James Bond, we’re stirring not shaking on this occasion) and then add a dash of lime, a drizzle of cinnamon syrup and then top with more ice
  3. Make it look fetching with an orange wheel and a festive cinnamon stick
  4. Pop your straw in, start sipping and let the merry feelings flow

You can now spread Christmas cheer, with Scrooge Drivers for everyone!

Or if these zesty, festive, fruity flavours ain’t yo’ thang (are you crazy?!) then come on down for a Cocktail Masterclass. We’ll teach you all you need to know to about fixing a drink or two, so much so you’ll never pre-drink on mixer and Coke again.


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