If there’s one thing we can do really well as a nation it’s partying. And we all know that in cities like London, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton and Glasgow we have some of the greatest party towns in the world. But which other UK cities know how to throw a shindig but don’t get the recognition they deserve? Well, lucky for you we’ve pulled together a list of the top 10 underrated UK party cities to give you the info.



1. Chester




More than just a haven for history buffs and Hollyoaks-obsessives, Chester is a party goers paradise complete with its own racecourse in the middle of town. It is a city with a ton of classy venues and makes a perfect alternative to a night in Liverpool or Manchester.



2. Derby




With Nottingham just a few miles down the road, Derby can often be overlooked as a party hub. But give it a chance and you’ll find a city that is packed full of awesome bars and restaurants. And thanks to a compact city centre you’ll find it easy to stumble walk from bar to bar.



3. York




Listen, any city that has a street with the name ‘Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate‘ is always going to be worth getting your party rags on for. Local folklore suggests that there are enough pubs in York for every day of the year, and if that doesn’t sound like a challenge we’ll eat our hat.



4. Southampton




Although Brighton pretty much holds the party crown for the south coast, there are some serious fun times going on just down the road in Southampton. It’s known for its nautical history so there is really no excuse for not pushing the boat out when you visit. Boat, get it? BOAT!



5. Swansea




While Cardiff might be Wales’ party capital, it’s often-overlooked neighbour Swansea knows how to have a good time too. And there are loads of ace beaches within walking distance, which means a hangover-destroying sea swim is always a possibility. Stupid, but a possibility nonetheless.



6. Sunderland




Watch out Newcastle! There’s more than one great party town in the north east, with Sunderland offering a proper-sized portion of Mackem magic to any party goer that finds themselves in the city. It’s unpretentious, lively and a damn fine place to spend an evening.



7. Norwich



It might be the place where Tim Westwood grew up but don’t let that put you off; Norwich is a real party hub for eastern England. Loads of great bars, a bunch of lovely pubs and a handful of awesome nightclubs. And Hugh Jackman is a fan of Norwich City FC. Obviously.



8. Aberdeen




The buildings in Aberdeen might be grey but the nightlife is anything but, thanks to some of the finest bars, pubs and live music venues this side of the north pole. And as if all that wasn’t enough, it’s also a great place to watch the northern lights. Dazzling.



9. Stoke-on-Trent




Forget what you’ve heard, Stoke is a city that knows how to party hard. It’s not the birthplace of rave culture for nothing you know. These days Stoke has plenty to offer including some of the swankiest bars in the midlands (not to mention some top class cuisine).



10. Plymouth




Some people see Plymouth as nothing more as a gateway to the south west, but those people are FOOLS. It’s got an array of awesome nightlife spots and some of the best chilling areas in the UK (we’re looking at you Plymouth Hoe).


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