Cocktails for breakfast? Bloody Mary that sounds good!

If you think cocktails in the morning aren’t a good idea then you clearly aren’t a familiar with the ‘hair of the dog’ theory or you’ve never tried a bloody mary… because bloody hell they’re good enough to drink all day!

The most savoury (and spicy) of all the cocktails on any menu, this is one for those who like to push the boundaries with the cocktails they choose to drink and now, you can whip them up yourself at home!


Boston tin

Bloody Mary Cocktail Ingredients

50ml Ketel One Vodka
75ml Big Tom Spiced Tomato Juice
12.5ml Lemon Juice
5ml Worcester Sauce
1 tbsp HP Brown Sauce
Dash of Sriracha sauce
Pinch of Salt
Pinch of Pepper
Slice of Tomato (Garnish)
Slice of Lemon (Garnish)
Nacho Chips (Garnish)
Celery (Garnish)


  1. Grab that boston tin, chuck in some cubed ice and then add all your ingredients: the vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, worcester sauce, brown sauce, sriracha sauce and the salt and pepper.
  2. Now, don’t get over excited and start shaking your mixture up because to blend a bloody mary, you need to roll your boston tin from hand to hand to get the perfect thick and aerated consistency!
  3. Once perfectly mixed, strain your bloody mary mixture into a tall glass and let’s get garnishing!
  4. We recommend a slice of tomato, a slice of lemon, stick of celery and a stack of tortilla chips but you can go crazy with whatever savoury toppings you want to add!

We’re confident yours will taste pretty spot on but if you wanna taste one made by the pros? Book a table and we’ll mix you up a Mary to make ya mouth water.

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