So, how’s your hangover?

Look, we know why you’re here. We know your brain has a pulse. We know you’re in desperate need of a hug. We know that your hangover playlist (can you really call 53-minutes of Lorde a playlist?) is no longer having the desired effect.

But fear not, ‘cause we’re showing you how to make a spicy kick in the backside that’ll shake the taste of regret from last night. So without further ado, here’s how to make your own – and remember, it’s known as ‘the bartender’s breakfast’ for a reason. 


Boston tin


50ml Ketel One vodka
75ml Big Tom spiced tomato juice
12.5ml lemon juice
5ml Worcester sauce
1 tbsp HP Brown Sauce
Dash of sriracha sauce
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper


Slice of tomato
Slice of lemon
Nacho chips


First things first, grab your Boston tin and throw in all your ingredients with some cubed ice. That’s the Ketel One vodka, Big Tom tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcester sauce, brown sauce, sriracha and the sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Now take your Boston tin, and instead of shaking that magical concoction like you usually would, you’re going to lightly ‘roll’ the Boston tin from one hand to another to dilute and aerate the mix in a gentler way than shaking. This step is especially important in a Bloody Mary because the rolling helps maintain the thick mouthfeel of the tomato juice.

Once you’ve rolled your mix like a pro, strain your Boston tin into a tall glass. And now, it’s time for the fun bit. The garnishes.

The Bloody Mary is famous for being one of those cocktails you can basically add anything to as a garnish. Bacon. Pork crackling. A double cheeseburger? You name it.

But for our Bloody Mary, we suggest some refined garnishes to balance those powerful flavours, so add some nacho chips, a stick of celery and strawberry and lemon… And there you have it! Your Bloody Mary is complete.


Wanna taste one made by the pros? Book a table and we’ll mix you up a Mary to make ya mouth water.

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