A small step for the cocktail world, a big step for mankind, the wondrous taste of the Butterfly Effect cocktail is powerful enough to change the world

When we talk about the Butterfly Effect here at Revolution, we’re not talking about the scientific theory about the smallest flutter having the biggest impact on the world, we’re talking about booze!

Surprise, surprise, we’re talking about cocktails again but this one is too good not to shout about! The ultimate raspberry vodka cocktail that brings all the fruity flavours, we’re going to show you how to whip up your own butterfly effect cocktail at home!


Boston tin
Hurricane glass

Butterfly Effect Cocktail Ingredients

50ml SKYY Infusions Raspberry Vodka
25ml Cranberry Juice
25ml Lemonade
12.5ml Blue Curaçao
12.5ml Violet Syrup
12.5ml Sugar Cane Syrup
A Squeeze of a Lime Wedge
A Sprig of Mint (For Garnish)
Butterflies (Optional)

How to make a Butterfly Effect Cocktail

  1. Grab your boston tin, fill it with cubes ice and then simply chuck in all your ingredients apart from your lemonade.
  2. Now it’s time to shake what your mama gave you until all your ingredients are blended to perfection.
  3. Add some cubes of ice to your hurricane glass, give them a swill to cool the whole thing down and then strain your raspberry vodka cocktail of wonder into the glass.
  4. Top with lemonade and chuck a sprig of mint on top for garnish.
  5. You can either get drinking at this point or go and try and grab a few butterflies to finish, the choice really is yours.

And there you have it! A sweet blend that’s guaranteed to make your heart flutter, every single time.

But if you wanna taste one made by the pros? Book a table and we’ll mix up a blend that’ll change your life forever.

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