The butterfly effect.

  1. Noun; a scientific theory that states that something as small as the flap of a butterfly’s wings has enough power to change the course of the universe forever.
  2. Noun; a film starring Ashton Kutcher which was only ever watched by one (one.) person. And that person was Ashton Kutcher.
  3. Noun; a sweet blend of a cocktail featuring SKYY Infusions Raspberry vodka and Blue Curaçao that, after just one small sip, is guaranteed to change the course of your drinking habits forever… ‘Cause you’ll never drink anything else after this mix.

And with those completely legitimate dictionary definitions in mind, we’re making sure you can sip this tasty cocktail from the comfort of home, by giving you the top secret cocktail recipe!

So have a flutter, you know you wanna.  


Boston tin
Hurricane glass

Butterfly Effect ingredients

50ml SKYY Infusions Raspberry vodka
25ml cranberry juice
25ml lemonade
12.5ml Blue Curaçao
12.5ml violet syrup
12.5ml sugar cane syrup
A squeeze of a lime wedge


Mint sprig

How to make a Butterfly Effect

You’ll be happy to know, this cocktail is easier to make than the month-long and arduous process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. In fact, much easier.

Simply take your Boston tin, fill it with cubed ice and then add ALL your ingredients (except the lemonade) in the most outrageous manner you can think of. With that done, it’s time to give it a shake. Keep shaking until you feel like it’s perfectly mixed. You’ll know. Believe us, you’ll know.

Next, add some cubed ice to your Hurricane glass, then strain this beautiful blend straight in. Top the whole thing with your lemonade, add some mint sprig to keep this the freshest mix since Will Smith released Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It, before adding a couple of butterflies from your garden. Go on. Get catching.

And there you have it! A sweet blend that’s guaranteed to make your heart flutter, every single time.


But if you wanna taste one made by the pros? Book a table and we’ll mix up a blend that’ll change your life forever.

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